Access to Opportunity

Many students say that quality teaching made all the difference for them and note that their attraction to a particular subject can be largely attributed to an outstanding teacher. Indeed, there are excellent mathematics and science teachers in Israeli schools. However, a substantial number of teachers are now approaching retirement age, and consequently, there is a severe shortage reflected in the closing of study tracks and assignment of unsuitable teachers from the school teaching staff. This is an enormous challenge, but also a great opportunity.

There is a need to help the education system develop its next generation of mathematics and science teachers. This is an opportunity to make sure that these new teachers are excellent and that they receive the best training and coaching, so that they can adapt their teaching to the needs of all students, no matter their background, gender or socio-economic level.

The building of this teaching generation is a ten-year process whose scope is a function of the prospective growth in the number of students.

Completion of Development of the Virtual High-School in Mathematics and Physics
Center for Educational Technology
Virtual High School for the Advanced Study of Mathematics and Physics
Center for Educational Technology