Homepage / High School: 2011-2018

From 2011 to 2018, the foundation’s primary effort was dedicated to expand excellence in high school with a focus on increasing the number of those studying the five-unit tracks in mathematics and the sciences. These tracks have proved to be fertile soil for the growth of excellence in Israel, and those who graduate them break ground during the course of their life.

We are very pleased with the peak of mathematics and science majors in recent years – a leap that is the outcome of the joint and ongoing effort of dozens of organizations and hundreds of professionals.

Starting in 2019, we turned our attention to middle schools in order to raise their level of learning and to expand the foundation of excellence.


We know that there is no sustainable shortcut to expanding the circle of excellence, and that outstanding teachers make all the difference. Therefore, the foundation seeks to foster and instill high quality teaching, and make it more accessible. In order to do this we focus on recruitment, training, coaching and professional development of teachers, and creating conditions for supporting quality teaching in practice.

  1. Access to Opportunity
    Making advanced studies accessible for all, to train a new generation of teachers and inducting them into teaching
  2. Nurturing Clinical Teaching Experts
    Helping teachers support their students’ learning by developing a student-centered practice
  3. Inspiring Systematic Improvement
    Creating partnerships and support networks for excellence in teaching and learning at scale

Amplifying Activities

The foundation programs represent vital stand-alone elements. But as independent efforts, it would be hard for them to succeed on a long term and systemic level. In order to enable them to connect harmoniously, the foundation has created a range of supportive “amplifying activities” which include three main areas:

  1. Media – Catalyzing a Social Movement
    Sparking public momentum for investing in excellence in teaching and learning of mathematics and the sciences
  2. Convening – Connecting Partners
    Weaving professional networks of joint learning, shared resources and collaboration
  3. Creating a Shared Language
    Generating professional discourse based on a clear an agreed upon knowledge-base and terminology

Five-Unit Graduates 2006-2019