Advisory Council 2016

As five years since the establishment of Trump Foundation draw to a close, we will convene our Advisory Council to hold a comprehensive review of the foundation’s activities to date and suggest directions for further collaborative efforts. The discussions will be held on 2 and 3 November 2016 at the Djanogly Center in Mishkenot She’ananim, Jerusalem. Experts and partners are invited to the discussions, where we will present and analyze case studies, documentation reports and findings of evaluations. The Council meeting will end with “An Evening of Quality Teaching” – a festive gala event for partners and friends of the foundation. For further information about the members of the Advisory Council and its activities, please click here.

1. Background materials for discussions are currently in advanced stages of preparation. These will be added to this webpage as they are completed, next to the description of the relevant discussion below.
2. On Tuesday, November 1 two events will precede the meetings of the Advisory Council:
– A one-day conference led by the Israel Academy of Sciences on “Learning from the Past to Improve Science Education in Israel” will be held at the Convention Center of Ramat Rachel Hotel between 08:30-16:00.
– Workshop for outstanding teachers led by Judy Shulman and Peggy Brookins on the use of videos from the classroom, will take place at Mishkenot She’ananim between 15:30-18:30.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

08:30–09:00: Introduction and Progress Report (1)

Introductions, progress report, presentation of the agenda, key questions, and background for the discussions.

Background materials:


09:00–11:30: Deep Dive into Clinical Teaching (2)

‘Deep-dive’ into the depths of clinical teaching of mathematics and science in high school.

Background materials:


11:45-12:45: Clinical Teaching (Advisory Council Members Discussion) (3)

Internal discussion of Advisory Council where members will be asked to offer insights, feedback and recommendations.



13:00-14:30: Lunch with Award Winning Teachers (4)

Lunch with Trump Master Teacher Award finalists to discuss the role of excellent teachers and receive feedback on the Award.

Background materials:


14:45-15:45: The Next Generation of Teachers (5)

A meeting with programs for new teachers to discuss evaluation report findings and  government policy.

Background materials:


16:00-17:30: Review of the Foundation’s Performance (6)

Analyzing the foundation’s performance, its philanthropic approach and relationships with partners.

Background materials:


17:45-18:45: Public Impact and Government Relations (7)

Weighing the pros and cons of the foundation’s approach to collaborating with government and to motivating public systems.

Background materials:


19:00-21:00: How is Israel preparing for Expanding the Circle of Excellence? (Dinner) (8)

Dinner with experts from industry, the military and higher education to discuss how they prepare to a reality in which Israel will have far more students graduating high school with excellent science achievements.


Thursday, November 3, 2016


08:30-10:15: Excellence as a Means for Reducing Social Gaps (9)

Finding significant unrealized potential for science excellence in  Israel’s social periphery, in an attempt to learn the lessons of past experience and identify essential conditions for success.

Background materials:


10:30-11:30: Engaging the Media to Create a Social Movement (10)

Reviewing the foundation’s media strategy and discussing ways to mobilize a social movement around the excellence in teaching and learning of high school mathematics and science.

Background materials:


11:45-13:00: An Institute for Advanced Teaching (11)

Analyzing the need and prospects for an Israeli Institute for Advance Teaching.

Background materials:


13:15-14:45: Lunch with School Principals (12)

Lunch and discussion with school principals about their perspective on the national program to expand excellence in mathematics and science studies.

Background materials:


15:00-16:30: Envisioning the Next Steps (Advisory Council Members Discussion) (13)

Internal discussion of members of the Advisory Council to sum up lessons and insights, and offer feedback and recommendations to the foundation towards the next five years.



18:00 – 22:00: Gala Evening Celebrating Excellent Teaching (14)