About Us / Grants Committee

וועדת מענקים מסייעת צוות הקרן בתהליך גיבוש ההמלצות למענקים בעלי חשיבות, היקף או מורכבות מיוחדים.

A Grants Committee was asked to act as a sounding board for some of the foundation’s more complex and substantial grant recommendations. The Grants Committee convenes several times a year to meet with leaders of applicant organizations and discuss their proposals.Members of the Grants Committee:

Eddy Shalev
Chairperson of the Trump Foundations’ board of directors. One of the founding leaders of Israel’s venture capital industry and the high-tech sector. He is philanthropically involved with Beit Issie Shapiro, where he is Chair of the Endowment Subcommittee.

Itzik Danziger
Board member at Israel Venture Network, the Israel Institute for School Leadership, and Hakol Hinuch. Formerly, Mr. Danziger served as President of Comverse Technologies, a leading multinational high-tech company.

Eli Shalev
physics teacher in Jerusalem and a finalist of the 2014 Trump Master Teacher Award. Shalev is the pedagogic director of the Schwartz-Reisman regional science-learning center in Rehovot.

Nava Ben-Zvi
Former president of the Hadassah College in Jerusalem; and Chairperson of the Ministry of Education’s Committee on Science and Technology curriculum. Formerly, Professor Ben-Zvi served as the Chairperson of a public committee (2000) on the teaching of Mathematics in elementary schools.

זאב מילר
לשעבר מנהל בית הספר וכפר הנוער ‘אשל הנשיא’, שזכה לפרסים ולהוקרה על היותו איש חינוך מהמעלה הראשונה. בתום ארבעים שנות כהונה כמנהל בית ספר, מר מילר משמש כיום כמנכ”ל של קרן יק”א, קרן פילנתרופית העוסקת בחינוך וחקלאות בצפון ובדרום הארץ.