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מתווה, יעדים, תכניות ואבני דרך הם לחם חוקנו. אבל מעבר לכל אלו, האנשים הם הגורם החשוב ביותר המביא להצלחה.

לאורך השנים בנינו ביחד צוות מחויב ומגוון, לומד וקשוב הרואה בעבודתו קרן שליחות חברתית וזכות גדולה.


Team members

Eli Hurvitz

Executive Director

Eli Hurvitz has been at the forefront of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in Israel for the last decade. He was among the founders of “Avney Rosha“, the Israel Institute for School Leadership, and of the “Nachshon” project, which provides online tutoring for high school students nation-wide. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of “Hemda“, a science teaching center in Tel-Aviv, and of “Hakol Hinuch”, a public movement which strives to strengthen public education in Israel. Hurvitz coordinated “the Committee for Changing the Status of the National Library”, chaired by Supreme Court Judge, Prof. Yitzhak Zamir, and was among the founders of the “Guidestar” project in Israel.

From 2000 to 2011, Hurvitz served as the Deputy Director of Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild Family Foundation, and beforehand he was the assistant to the Chairman of the Knesset’s Foreign and Defense Committee. Hurvitz holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern history from the Tel Aviv University.

DR Adi Kidron

Program Officer

Text Adi

Ravid Yiron Dar

Knowledge Officer

Ravid is responsible for the field of knowledge at the foundation. As part of her work, she initiates and accompanies research studies that serve the foundation’s middle school strategy.

Previously, she instructed and guided school principals at the “Mifras” educational entrepreneurship incubator program and worked at “Mada Vehashiva”, where she established and managed initiatives for gifted and talented children. She also spent many years teaching science and mathematics. Ravid holds a BSc in Chemistry and a MSc in Science Education, both from the Hebrew University.

Noy Perry

Creative Media Officer

Noy leads the foundation’s creative media field. As part of her work, she is responsible for digital assets and social media networks, and works with youth to stimulate their motivation for excellence in mathematics and science.

Previously, she worked as a content manager at “Pnima”, a social movement promoting a society based on solidarity. She founded the “Achim Shelanu” (Our Brothers) charity for bereaved siblings to turn the stories of fallen soldiers and victims of terror attacks to a moral compass to the citizens of Israel. Noy holds a BA in Communication from the Open University and a MA in Government and Public Policy from IDC Herzliya, which she both graduated with honors.

Hanni Altar-Levinson

Program Officer

Hanni is responsible for the development of programs to promote excellence in mathematics and science studies in middle school.

She holds a BA in mathematics and history from Bar-Ilan University and is currently completing her MA in mathematical education at the University of Haifa. After Hanni graduated the Teach First Israel  program, became a mathematics teacher at the Ort Lod Zale High School, where she took part in establishing the school’s five-unit study program.

Adi Bar Zvi

Media Officer

As part of her work in the media team, Adi is responsible for representing the Foundation and its partners in the traditional media and its digital assets. She also develops new initiatives for the online magazine ‘It’s Time for Education’, amongst which the podcast ‘Listening to Education’.

Adi holds a BA in Psychology and is completing her MA in Clinical Social Work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She served in the Spokesperson’s Unit of the Israeli Air Force and later worked at Channel 2 News as content editor and news reporter. Adi is interested in the meeting point between the worlds of communication and psychology, and takes part in educational initiatives such as Drink & Think Different.

Karin Tamar Schafferman

Director of Knowledge

Karin oversees and develops the fields of knowledge and communications at the Trump Foundation and initiates and accompanies documentation processes, case studies, and evaluation and measurement processes. She is also responsible for designing the Foundation’s communication strategy, the Foundation’s publications and the online magazine “It’s Time for Education”.

Before joining the foundation in 2015, Karin worked as a social analyst at MIDOT, where she promoted evaluation and measurement tools among NGOs, and provided advice on corporate responsibility (CSR). Prior to that, she worked at the Israel Democracy Institute as manager of the organization’s website and as member of the journal “Parliament”. Karin holds a BA and an MA in Social Studies, which she both graduated with distinction – Magna Cum Laude at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Sivan Landman

Local Partnerships Officer

Sivan is responsible for developing and coordinating partnerships with local government in order to expand the circle of excellence in mathematics and science in Israeli high schools. In addition, she is leading the cities of excellence forum within the Institute for Local Government in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tel Aviv University.

Formerly, she worked at Shiur Acher (‘A Different Lesson’) NGO, where she led the ‘Teach Together’ program, integrating teaching assistants in secondary school classrooms in order to encourage students to select, persist and succeed in advanced mathematics, physics and chemistry studies. Sivan began her career as a mathematics teacher and taught in schools for 5 years. She holds a B.A in Economy and business administration from University of Haifa.

Tirtsa Shamian

Grant Operations Officer

Tirtsa is responsible for managing the portfolio of the foundation’s grants and guiding the foundation’s grants from an operational perspective.

Previously, Tirtsa worked at a private philanthropic consultancy office where she facilitated a comprehensive grants operations process for donors from abroad and Israeli charities. Tirtsa holds a BA in International Business Administration from the VU University of Amsterdam and a MBA – Master of Business Administration with specialization in Management and Organizational Behavior from Bar Ilan University. She made Aliyah to Israel from Holland in 2014.

Lisa Shoseyov

Director of Finance

Lisa is responsible for managing the fund’s finances, the CEO’s office and handling corporate issues.

She has a master’s degree (M.Sc) in agriculture from the Hebrew University with a specialization in molecular genetics. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and Senior Payroll Accountant. Previously, she served as a research assistant in the Department of Immunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. She also served as an accountant at a winery belonging to her family, head of a bureau and assistant to the CEO of a water technology company, a seed company and a venture capital fund. In addition, she established and managed an educational framework in the locality where she lived. Lisa made Aliyha to Israel from United Kingdom in 1972.

Revital Drori

Program Director

Revital is responsible for developing and leading local partnerships with school networks, districts and local government in order to expand the circle of excellence in mathematics and science in Israeli high schools.

Formerly, she developed and led Excellence Programs in mathematics and science at the ‘Israeli Center for Excellence through Education’, where she coached teachers and facilitated professional development groups. Revital began her career as a science teacher and taught in schools for 17 years. She holds an MA in Science teaching and a BSc in Biology from Tel Aviv University.

Limor Maimon

Grant Operations and Convening

Limor provides assistance and guidance in the grants operation process from the grants’ approval. She is also responsible for convening and professional meetings that help advance the foundation’s strategy.

Limor holds a BA in Arabic and Middle Eastern History from Bar Ilan University. Previously, she worked at the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) as the Channel 1 director’s office manager.

Yair Wolff

Administrative Assistant

Yair provides administrative assistance to the foundation team, supporting the day-to-day activities of the programs and grant operations teams, and coordinating special projects.

Yair holds a BSc in plant science from the Hebrew University. Previously, he worked as a laboratory technician at the Faculty of Agriculture and as community manager in a joint work space for high-tech entrepreneurs startups.