About Us

The Trump Foundation was established in 2011 and over the next decade will dedicate its resources to the improvement of educational achievement in Israel. The foundation seeks to cultivate effective teaching that caters to the needs, abilities and individual learning progress of students. Through instrumental and collaborative grant-making, the foundation aims to serve as a catalyst for igniting the momentum which will restore education to its leading role in our society.

Our work focuses primarily on the quality of teaching of Mathematics and the Sciences in Israeli secondary schools. We strive to reverse the troubling course of performance in these areas, such as the decline in the number of high schools which offer Physics studies; the deteriorating number of students taking advanced tracks in Mathematics and the sidelining of Science studies in middle schools.

We are driven by the desire to ensure that every child in every classroom benefits from excellent teaching. Our work is grounded in the premise that Israel has some outstanding teachers on which to rely. These teachers work relentlessly, believe in their students’ abilities and encourage them to fulfill their potential. We believe that cultivating this expertise among all teachers is imperative and requires substantial investment and support.